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4/5/2000: OASYS announces Virtual Franchising. A way for distributors and manufacturers to e-commerce enable their retailers.

3/1/200: OASYS offers FREE AbleCommerce store building software with e-commerce accounts.


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Raleigh, NC—Oasys Information Services, a Raleigh-based electronic commerce and Web hosting firm, is introducing “virtual franchising” services to its new and existing customers. Virtual franchising technology allows multiple Web site variations for manufacturing and distribution companies that have individual franchise units, subsidiaries or multiple retail outlet customers. The online technology creates unique storefronts while maintaining controlled cataloging and operations.

“Virtual franchising works well for companies that have multiple facilities and that want to offer complete sales and marketing capabilities for all branches of the company, including independent contractors,” said Eric Harris, Oasys founder. “Oasys also offers complete Web hosting, design, maintenance, electronic publishing and e-commerce functionality.”

The virtual franchise model streamlines operations among multiple outlets, allowing a unique look and design for individual units, while maintaining internal structures to control inventory and pricing. “Another benefit is that retailers and franchises are able to leverage the significant online investments made by larger firms in information technology,” Harris said. “Virtual franchising condenses the playing field for small, regional businesses and allows them to effectively compete in a global marketplace for a fraction of the cost.”

Harris is an 18-year veteran in the information technology industry and has provided successful IT solutions for corporate clients such as: Bristol-Myers Squibb, Carolina Power & Light, Medical Web, North Carolina Mutual Life Insurance Co. and Xerox. He founded Oasys in 1988.

The virtual franchising concept strengthens business relationships in the manufacturing supply chain between wholesalers, distributors and retailers, and offers additional sales opportunities for each industry. The e-commerce element extends the physical boundaries for smaller retail outlets and provides greater customer access and convenience. Harris said, “This is a great means for manufacturers to empower their business partners—retailers—and help them successfully participate in the digital economy.”

To view sample e-commerce and/or franchised sites, visit www.diamondavian.com and www.birdieboutique.com.

For more information about Oasys Information Services, contact Valerie Fields at (919) 870-9540 or vfields@oasysis.com. Visit Oasys online at www.oasysis.com. # # #

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