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SSL on Windows NT, all questions

 How can I order Shared  SSL for use on my site?
You can call OASYS at 877-200-6968 or sign up at our order page. After doing this you will be able to use SSL.

 How can I utilize Shared Secure Socket Layer on my site?
For Secure access you just need to use https:// protocol name instead of http://. For instance:

<a href="https://www.oasysis.com/youraccount/order.html">Secure Order</a>. Your home directory contain "secure" folder

 What is the difference between a Shared SSL Certificate and owned Certificate?
There is only one bad side to using Shared SSL Certificate on NT. The certificate is issued for "oasysis.com". Points to www.oasysis.com and not https://www.yourdomain.com for more information about obtaining your own certificate call us at 877-200-6968

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