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Web Hosting
Dedicated Servers

Adding or Forwarding POP Mail Accounts
Add e-mail accounts by accessing http://www.yourdomain.com:8383

the username and password is the one specified during setup of your account  

Adding Accounts once logged in click on users enter the new user name and passord and click add

Forwarding E-mail once logged in click on users then click on your domain to the left a group of users will appear click on the username you want to forward select the forward tab put the address you want the mail forwarded to in the box and click on the right pointing arrow

 SMTP settings (For sending e-mail)
Either use your ISP's mail server or use our web interface to send email from your domain.

 How do I receive mail through OASYS?
your POP3 server should be yourdomain.com (of course use your real domain)

Example - whoever@yourdomain.com

the user name = whoever

and the password you specified when setting up that account.


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