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How DSL Works
By now, you've probably gathered enough information about DSL to be convinced it's the solution that will put a fast end to slow analog modems and expensive ISDN.

Now we'd like to tell you about Oasys DSL and show you how Oasys delivers business-quality DSL, nationwide coverage and support services that make it easy to own, easy to afford, and easy to upgrade. Furthermore, Oasys DSL customers are backed by our fast, reliable private ATM network backbone. Afterall, what's the point of having fast access if you can't count on your ISP's connections?

At your home or office location, you have your PC (with an Ethernet NIC) connected to a DSL modem. That modem is wired to a DSL circuit, which the phone company installs at your location. Finally, that circuit is connected via phone lines to another DSL circuit, which resides at the Central Office of your phone company.