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  OasysDSL TeleWorker
Now your employees in branch offices and at home can access your corporate LAN using reliable, high-speed OasysDSL. OasysDSL TeleWorker offers your remote workers T1-like, always-on access to the corporate intranet and the Internet, while freeing your IS team from provisioning hassles, modem pool headaches, and dial-up delays. Because OasysDSL TeleWorker offers scalable solutions that can support hundreds to thousands of remote users, it's ideal for companies supporting a large, remoteworkforce.

Super fast remote LAN and Internet access in one simple package
Until now, most IS managers have solved the remote LAN access issue by building out modem pools with local or 800# access. But this is a slow, expensive, usage-based solution and impractical when many files need to be transferred. OasysDSL TeleWorker simplifies management by eliminating the need for modem pools and reducing toll charges. Because it keeps high-bandwidth traffic off the corporate LAN, OasysDSL TeleWorker helps to prevent the clogging of corporate Internet access pipes, so IS Managers can free up bandwidth for HQ user access.

Oasys is one of the only providers to offer a remote LAN access solution in both bridged or routed environments with either static or dynamic IP addresses. Plus, our support of DHCP makes it even easier for employees because no computer reconfiguration is needed when moving between the office, home, or other locations. That means fewer calls to your IS Help Desk.

With OasysDSL TeleWorker, end-to-end IP connectivity is established and maintained between each remote location and the corporate network. Remote locations are connected to Oasys's ATM backbone via DSL circuits. For enhanced performance, the corporation's network is connected to Oasys's backbone via a dedicated circuit, either T1, T3, or high-speed DSL. Alternately, an existing corporate Internet connection may be used.

OasysDSL TeleWorker is available in eight bandwidth speeds, from 144 Kbps symmetrical to 1.5 Mbps/384 Kbps asymmetrical. If your users' bandwidth needs change, speeds can easily be upgraded. Our solutions are priced at a flat rate, so your monthly charges are predictable, unlike ISDN or dial-up services, which typically fluctuate based on usage.

Key Benefits:

Increased Bandwidth: Productivity is increased with Internet access up to 10 times faster than ISDN and up to 50 times faster than a 28.8 analog modem.

Higher Speed, Lower Costs: You get T1-like speed for a fraction of the cost. Monthly charges are fixed and less expensive than ISDN at most speeds. Toll charges for remote dial-in are eliminated.

Simplified Management: Since end-users connect to the LAN through a dedicated connection from the Oasys Network cloud, modem pools and 800 access numbers aren't needed. Customers may also use their existing Internet connections.

Streamlined Budgeting: Flat rate pricing helps IS manage and budget remote LAN access costs.

Broad DSL Coverage: IS managers can provide broad user coverage through a single vendor.

Robust, High-Performance Backbone: Oasys has an OC-3 based ATM backbone with Tier 1 peering relationships to other major ISPs. So, end-users are guaranteed the best possible speeds.

Offloaded Internet Traffic: End-user traffic can go directly to the Internet, reducing the bandwidth demand on the corporate Internet connection.