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  OASYSDSL HomeOffice

OASYSDSL HomeOffice is the ideal DSL solution for home-based businesses, home-office workers, and for families who want high-speed Internet access. OASYSDSL HomeOffice is available at two speed levels, which bring you super fast connectivity and a great price. But unlike bargain DSL products, OASYSDSL HomeOffice is a complete solution that can support up to four networked PCs in your home. And, it's built on OASYS's undersubscribed backbone. That means you get the performance you signed on for; the performance you deserve.

High speed, low price.
Depending on the speed you choose, you can download files at up to 608Kbps or 1.5Mbps-that's many times faster than a dial-up modem and even ISDN service. And because OASYSDSL HomeOffice is a full-time connection, you don't have to wait to get online, and you never have to deal with busy signals.

OASYSDSL HomeOffice is available at two speed levels. Each level has a download speed (the first number) and an upload speed (second number shown). Because it's priced at a flat monthly rate, OASYSDSL HomeOffice offers predictable billing, unlike ISDN services, which usually fluctuate as your usage patterns change.
608Kbps / 128Kbps -- $69 per month
1.5Mbps / 384Kbps -- $89 per month

Multiple PCs can use a single connection.
With OASYSDSL HomeOffice, you can use your connection in ways that were previously cost-prohibitive. For instance, instead of having separate dial-up lines for each PC, you can connect up to four PCs to the same service. While one user checks for incoming e-mail, another user can explore the Internet.

OASYSDSL HomeOffice offers you a dedicated line. That's an important advantage over shared cable, because the performance of your cable connection can vary widely, especially when the neighbor kid is playing bandwidth-hogging games, like Quake.

A complete solution.
With OASYSDSL HomeOffice, we provide everything you need, including circuit and equipment ordering, installation, technical support, and billing.

  • Four static IP addresses
  • Five e-mail boxes