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Introduction to DSL
There you were, minding your own business, when suddenly you're bombarded with messages about the latest and greatest technology that's going to make you more productive and successful in all your pursuits. Or at least all those involving using the Internet.

Wasn't ISDN supposed to do that? And the 28.8K modem before that?

DSL (digital subscriber line) technology is, indeed, the next big thing, but with several differences. First of all, it's available in a variety of speeds; choose the one that meets your needs now, knowing that you can upgrade later. While it's faster than ISDN, it's a lot less expensive. You pay a low, flat fee every month, based on your speed. DSL is always on, so you don't have to wait to get a connection. And DSL isn't likely to go away. It uses the existing copper phone lines that reach homes and offices across the country and around the world. Instead of introducing a new technology into the fray, it's a new, better way to use the technology that's already there.


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Why Oasys DSL?
You have a lot of choices when it comes to DSL. There are a variety of "flavors," such as ADSL, SDSL and IDSL, along with multiple speeds. But one of the most important decisions you'll make will be your choice of DSL provider.

All across the country, business customers and Home Office users are choosing us as their DSL provider.
Here's why.

  1. We've been testing and selling DSL since 1997.
  2. We were the first to roll out nationwide DSL services.
  3. We are a Tier 1 provider, with private peering relationships.
  4. We specialize in data (some local exchange carriers specialize in voice, and it's difficult to order a line from them).
  5. We provide excellent customer support. Several bargain DSL providers focus on volume consumer sales, as opposed to business-grade service. In some cases they are small, regional providers cross-connecting into cities.
  6. We're proficient at provisioning and installation (a lot can go wrong if your provider's not experienced).
  7. We provide business-quality service that's reliable and upgradeable, and provides true line speed throughput.
  8. We have solid relationships with multiple CLECs, which provide broader coverage.
  9. We undersubscribe our services, ensuring optimal performance over our fast, private, nationwide ATM backbone network.