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  How DSL Works
DSL is a modem technology that transforms ordinary phone lines into high-speed digital lines for ultra-fast Internet access. DSL modems use digital coding techniques to squeeze up to 99% more capacity out of a phone line without interfering with your regular phone services.

A variation of today's DSL technology has been in use since the early nineties by phone companies and large corporations running T1 lines. Now, you can enjoy the same speed, always-on, flat rate service experienced by large organizations-- for a fraction of the cost.

Here's how. At your home or office location, you have your PC (with an Ethernet NIC) connected to a DSL modem. That modem is wired to a DSL circuit, which the phone company installs at your location. Finally, that circuit is connected via phone lines to another DSL circuit, which resides at the Central Office of your phone company.

DSL isn't available everywhere, but it's already reaching most of the country's major metropolitan areas, with many more to come. Check OasysDSL Availability for an up-to-date look at our nationwide coverage.