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  The OasysDSL Installation Process
Establishing your OasysDSL service requires a number of steps. Fortunately, Oasys handles them for you, including installation and provisioning. In most cases, there's no need for you to deal with your local phone company at all; we do it for you.

A DSL Account Specialist will manage your service installation and provisioning. The DSL Account Specialist is responsible for coordinating all aspects of the OasysDSL installation and ensuring the OasysDSL service is operational.

The DSL Account Specialist uses a combination of e-mail, fax, and phone contact methods to keep you informed of the installation and provisioning process. If you have any questions during this process, contact your DSL Account Specialist by phone at 877-200-6968 or e-mail at

Installation Timeframe
The installation process for your OasysDSL service takes approximately 30 to 45 calendar days from the order date. Depending on the telco carrier supplying the DSL circuit, the exact number of days might vary.

Note: In some cases, installation might take longer due to unanticipated issues with the phone circuits available at your location. The most common delay is the presence of a load coil or mid-span repeater on your line. These conditions will require additional work to provision your circuit and additional time might be required.

To install your OasysDSL service, many individual tasks are performed by the OasysDSL team and the telco carrier supplying the DSL circuit. At several points during the provisioning process, your DSL Account Specialist will provide a status report of your installation. Examples of these status points include the following:

  • Within one business day of the order being placed with Oasys.
  • Upon confirmation of the Firm Order Commit (FOC) date stating when your DSL circuit will be installed.
  • Within a day following the delivery of the circuit, to schedule on-site installation and inside wiring.

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