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JetStream Communications is a Silicon Valley start-up that builds communications equipment for network carriers. The company maintains a small staff of approximately 20 people, adding expertise as needed by working with selected development partners, outside contractors and suppliers.

To help speed product development, JetStream's engineering teams make frequent use of the Internet not only for e-mail, but also for engineering research, market research and other collaborative activities.

"We absolutely depend on a fast, always available connection," says David Frankel, chairman and chief technology officer of JetStream. "Our entire local area network is connected to the Internet. So, at any given moment, up to 20 workstations might be doing something over the Internet."

Hundreds of Hours of Usage
At first, the company installed a dial-up ISDN line for Internet access. But with ISDN, JetStream was charged based on its usage. And with the company logging hundreds of hours per month of connection time, the bills were exorbitant.

So when OasysDSL became available in late 1997, JetStream was one of the first to switch to the flat-rate, "Always On" service.

"When we looked at what we were paying and getting with ISDN, and what we could pay and get with OasysDSL - it was a no-brainer," Frankel remarks. "We are saving tremendous amounts of money and can go three to six times faster when we're on-line. There's no comparison."

High Reliability
The service has been very reliable for JetStream there when they need it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

"It simply works, just like it's supposed to," notes Frankel. "We were intimately familiar with both ISDN and DSL technology. There's no difference in terms of reliability."

Superior Support
JetStream has also been pleased with the support they have received from Oasys.
"They've done a great job," Frankel comments. "I've had to call from time to time to ask a question or have a problem solved. Oasys has been very good in terms of responsiveness and follow-up. There is a real commitment to finding answers when needed."

Don Bellenger is an engineering manager for a large technology company based in Santa Clara, California. In his position, he consults with engineering teams at a number of locations around the country, conducting research and reviewing projects.

Bellenger travels frequently, but also works often from home. But he's never out of touch. Bellenger stays in close contact with associates and handles company responsibilities using a network connection running over OasysDSL.

"I have a Virtual Private Network connection that makes it appear that I'm inside my company's network," Bellenger explains. "This gives me access to a Lotus Notes database running various departmental functions, such as market research, financial data, expense reporting, and employee information."

Critical Continuous Connection
Don Bellenger also takes advantage of the "Always On" design of OasysDSL to run a Web site and POP server for e-mail.

"I spend a lot of time online," he says. "I get several hits a day on my Web server. I'm publishing a paper in the IEEE, which generates positive publicity for my company. And there's e-mail with my colleagues around the world. So, I'm online throughout the day."

OasysDSL vs. ISDN
Before Bellenger chose the OasysDSL service, he was using an ISDN connection, which severely limited what he could do.

"There's a world of applications you can do with continuous DSL connection that you simply cannot do with ISDN,"
Bellenger asserts. "Setting up the ISDN circuit every time you want to go online is extremely irritating. You can't leave it on all the time, because the service has usage-based charges. So, you can't have a Web site or do anything that requires a continuous connection. The extra speed DSL offers compared to ISDN is true performance - but for me, the continuous connection is the key."

With OasysDSL, no matter where in the world Bellenger's work takes him, it's almost like he's never left the office.